Short Sterling Mk4
A small project for a documentary made by my brother.
A place for books
This was originally just meant as a test to try out the Bookmanager plugin for 3Ds Max. But then more and more stuff just started to show up in my viewport, and suddenly it became a picture.
A room
My first go at arch-viz.
Tools of the trade: 3Ds Max, vRay, zBrush, Mari and Photoshop.
Gruesome giraffes
A couple of giraffes for my facebook profile to make it all nice and pretty.
Some day there will be writen a few words about this image
For the King
My undergraduate project at Idefagskolen 2011. An animated short created by Jorn Harald Paulsen, Havard Munkejord, Tarje Pladsen and me. Sound and music by Rune Sundby and Joakim Kroon
Ancient tunes
A personal project. I wanted to recreate a jaw harp that Bjorgulv Straume made for me. He is one of the last jaw harp blacksmiths in Norway.
Forgotten Wisdom

A school project. An old shaman taking a trip to the other side.

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